Login to NHSmail at www.nhs.net

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Login to NHSmail
Login to NHSmail at www.nhs.net

Individuals wishing to register for an NHSmail account
NHSmail is available to all NHS staff in England and Scotland.

To register for an account please contact your Local Organisation Administrator (LOA)

To find your LOA:

At www.nhs.net (only from an NHS connection) click on 'Search Directory', 'Search', 'Organisation'
Search for organisation
Select your organisation and view the 'Administrators' tab
Alternatively, you can usually find your LOA by contacting your local IT helpdesk.
You can also call the NHSmail helpdesk for assistance on 0333 200 1133.

Information for organisations that want to switch to NHSmail
If your organisation is interested in switching to NHSmail, please email [email protected] and ask for further information.

Third party access - how to sign up if you are an organisation outside of the NHS
If you are a commercial, third party or non-NHS organisation and require access to NHSmail for communicating securely with NHS colleagues please email [email protected]



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